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Janet Hartling


X-ray of knee and hips

Performed By

Joseph D. Munn, M.D.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Richard Viskewich, PTA

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I saw Dr. Munn who diagnosed arthritis in knee as well as issues with my back and hips. I started P.T. in September with Richard and Sean mostly, and I made progress very quickly! I did rely on the anti-inflammatory drug, Meloxicam for the first month. By the second month, I improved each time I went! w/o the anti-inflamatory. I owe my success to Richard, Sean, Sammy, Eileen, Rosario and Pat, for their expertise, time & patience. They treated me very professionally, always punctual, caring and never losing their senses of humor… which is very important to healing. I will miss my P.T. friends but not the P.T.🙂 I would recommend Orlin & Cohen to anyone needing Orthopedic help👍 Best Regards, Janet Hartling