Jean Gilroy-Ovadia


Broken kneecap

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Christopher Geremia, PTA

Jordan Placella PT, DPT, GTS

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Broke my right kneecap. Started PT three weeks after the brake. I first saw Jordan Placella who evaluated my condition. He assigned me Christopher Geremia who would work with me for the next two months. Christopher was terrific. He knew how much to push me and when to back off. I had several setbacks but Christopher was always there encouraging me and cheering me on. He was fun and high energy and the perfect fit for me. I went to PT three times a week. The entire office environment was welcoming and friendly. Everyone there was willing to help. I’ve been to PT quite a few times in my life but this experience was heads above all the others. I actually hated when it was over. I knew I would miss the gang, especially Christopher. I would like to recognize Christopher for always going above and beyond for me. Thanks to him I’m back to my very active lifestyle.