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Jo Duffy


Torn Meniscus

Performed By

Gregory Lieberman, M.D.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Anthony Morelli, PTA

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Improbably, I managed to tear my left meniscus last summer without even knowing how it happened. Admittedly, my left knee has been problematic for much of my adult life, since a dislocation during a karate class about forty years ago… But in this case, I have no idea what I did or how or when it happened. One evening, soaking in a hot tub after a madly busy week, I felt something go, badly and suddenly, and was unable to even walk. My old orthopedist is long since retired, but one of my sisters has used Orlin and Cohen’s Garden City branch for herself and her son, and she gave the company a strong recommendation. I selected Lynbrook due to its walkability from the LIRR station, and am frankly ecstatic with the result.

Dr. Gregory Lieberman was knowledgeable and patient, explained things clearly, discussed treatment options with me —we settled on a series of injections and physical therapy — and it all helped immensely. I would recommend this Doctor and Orlin and Cohen overall without hesitation.

My physical therapist, Anthony Morelli, was wonderful, exactly what I needed: tough without being maniacal, knowledgeable, and patient, with skilled and gentle hands and a terrific understanding of when to back off and employ ice or massage rather than exercise… and of when I needed to not be such a baby and to step things up. To my complete astonishment, we also learned, late in my treatment, that he years ago had treated a dear and respected friend and colleague of mine, from a generation older than myself.

Overall, I received expert and effective care from a team who are professional, fun… and very nice people. A real bright spot in dealing with a painful inconvenience during a distinctly tough time. Thank you, And I am sorry this note is literally months late. (I had trouble finding the link!)