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John Hubbell


Hip Replacement

Performed By

Brian J. McGinley, M.D.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Lia Velys, PT, DPT, OCS

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As someone in the business, I have very high expectations. My expectations have been met and far exceeded. Dr McGinley’s team of PA’s and Mary his MA had my preop set up and seamless. Dr McGinley went through every aspect even though I am well versed in the procedure. Dr McGinley had me do the procedure ambulatory which was made much easier by the competent team at Mather. Post op I was walking within 2 hours of surgery and in the car home shortly thereafter. Next I began PT in Southampton. Patty at the front desk made sure I had all my appointments scheduled prior so I had a plan to begin my recovery. Lia continually challenged me while keeping my motivation in check. The whole process has been enlightening. I have realized how many moving parts have to be in place for surgical success. Dr McGinley and Lia Velys, DPT and their teams have made the process easy to navigate. This has made my recovery much easier to attain.