I visited Dr. Sider after seeing his care with my daughter when she fractured her shoulder. My left hand had been bothering me for some time, to the point of not being able to cook a meal. I could not believe what was going on. Dr. sider suggested a nerve test be performed on both hands. this test showed that I have carpel tunnel in both hands but at this time I had symptoms only in my left. Being 50 at the time I was way too young to have these issues so I decided to have surgery. I could not be anymore pleased. The procedure was quick and performed in the hospital. I was home the same day with a bandage wrapped around my hand. a few days later the bandage was off and all I had was a band aid. But what was amazing is I had full feeling in my fingers and had no issues cooking or holding anything within a couple of weeks. Dr. Sider's bedside manner was comforting and reassuring. I followed up with his recommendation of physical therapy and today you would never know I had surgery. I will for sure see him for my right hand when the time comes. Dr. Sider is wonderful with all ages, from little ones to elder ones. I highly recommend seeing him for any of your orthopedic concerns.