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Kenneth Clements


Shoulder, Knee, Back

Performed By

Gregory Lieberman, M.D.

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When I was injured at work back in 2003, I knew the only place I wanted to go for treatment was Orlin & Cohen. I slipped and fell down a spiral staircase leaving me with a dislocated left shoulder, torn meniscus in both knees, and herniated and bulging disc in my lower back. Initially I was treated by Dr. Lieberman for all injuries and he eventually recommended I see Dr. Shapiro. My shoulder and knees are being treated by Dr. Lieberman and my back is being treated by Dr. Shapiro. I have received and continue to receive the best possible care from both doctors.

My shoulder and knees were initially treated with medication and physical therapy at the 30 Hempstead Ave. facility. The physical therapy team was professional, caring and extremely helpful in reducing pain, occupational therapy, and improving my strength and balance along with flexibility.

Likewise, I received the same treatment for my back with and emphasis on stretching and yoga to help the back pain. I was very impressed that surgery was never the first option; all other avenues were attempted before surgery was even discussed. My shoulder improved with physical therapy alone, my right and left knees required multiple meniscus surgeries, multiple injections of Supartz, Synvisc and eventually a total knee replacement of the right knee. I had X-stop decompression surgery to my lower back. After these last two surgeries were completed, I went from taking constant pain killers to taking none. I am virtually pain free.

The thoroughness, professionalism, caring, and completeness of the healthcare provided by these two doctors, their RPAs, nurses, technicians and support staff are quite literally the very best. I have complete trust in them; they have never disappointed me. I just can't say enough about the level of care that I have been fortunate enough to have received at Orlin and Cohen. I've been treated for the past nine years and the same great experience continues to this very day.