I recently underwent a total cervical disc replacement procedure C5, 6, 7 performed by and under the direction of Dr. Alfred Faust. Before coming to see Dr. Faust I had pain ranging at about an eight on a 1 to 10 scale -I had numbness in my hand , pain in my arm, neck ,face and a head pain that was unbearable. Dr. Faust was amazing with the attention and care he showed me . He was extremely thorough and explored all options to ease my pain . I trusted Dr. Faust, so when he told me that I was a candidate for a total cervical disc replacement I couldn't have been more excited! Yes excited for surgery!! Dr Faust was clear and made sure I understood exactly what was to take place while I was under and everything went exactly the way he said it would! The first thing I noticed after waking up from surgery was I had slight pain in my throat when I swallowed and neck discomfort But tolerable and nothing compared to how the pain felt before surgery. Then came the realization of the real glory- the pain in my arm was gone. The numbness in my hand was gone. Face pain was gone AND the most incredible moment that brought me to tears was that unbearable head pain was completely gone. It took about two weeks for me to heal from my incision after surgery (which was nothing and in my opinion a piece of cake) Dr Faust and the team at Orlin and cohen felt like family taking care of me . I received incredible care and attention during recovery and happy to report I'm back to living my life after only one short month. If you are considering the surgery and Dr. Faust has recommended you then I'm excited for you .. He's amazing and I can say with my full heart that he is forever in my prayers. Thank you Dr Faust !