I want to begin by saying this is my mom story. My mother is a 81 year old woman who has been suffering from arthritis pain for a long time. My mother has been to other physical therapy places and she has not been able to find any comfort, she has started at the Orlin and Cohen and had been feeling much better and moving more than before. she was extremely stiff and always complaining about her pain and wanted some comfort. Michele has been amazing and helping my mother get more comfort dealing with her arthritis pain. I can't begin thanking Michele and the staff at Orlin and Cohen for making my mother comfortable, and the patience she has with my mother when she speaks another language. I'm over the moon on how Michele tries to learn how to say some sentences in our language to accommodate my mother. She made her feel very comfortable and that boost her moral. I can't begin thanking everyone as well as the amazing front desk ladies. Orlin and Cohen in Lynbrook is clean and professional staff work there they make you feel like family. My mother starts smiling when she see her favorite staff Michele Murphy and De'zhane Bennett my mom and I love those two young women ❤️ may God continue to bless these ladies for their empathy toward my 81 year old mother. Thank you 😊