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Linda Orlando


Physical Therapy

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Michael Procaccini, MS, PT

Elena Triboy, PTA

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I started physical therapy in your Port Jefferson location to try to alleviate the pain and uncertain movement in my right knee. Michael Procaccini was the first therapist to work with me. He was patient, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. He started me on a regimen of stretching and strength exercises, which I did religiously at home. Along with my independent exercises, my knee was massaged and worked by the therapists, which really alleviated the pain. The attention I received was amazing! As soon as I completed one round of exercises, someone would come over to be sure I started the next set, as well as perform it correctly. Elena Triboy was the other therapist that I saw regularly. She also massaged my knee and oversaw my independent exercises. Elena was great to talk to during therapy, which sometimes took my mind off the pain. After a few weeks, my knee was no longer giving me a problem. I went back to long distance walking as well as yoga, and my knee has been behaving! Both Michael and Elena set me on the right path, and they, as well as every other individual in that office, do their jobs well. I truly appreciated everyone's efforts to get me back to my pain-free, active self!