Before Surgery, I had trouble walking, lifting my leg, and I was having a lot of pain on my left side. This was all cause by falling at work a few years back and most providers were not able to find the cause. Until I came across Dr. Germano, he immediately found what was wrong with me and started the process immediately. He first referred me to Dr Morelli, where I need to get a neck procedure done then it was followed by a hip replacement that was performed by Dr. Germano. I cannot believe how fast and painless I was able to heal from both surgeries. Both Doctors took very good care of me and was always there to see how I was doing especially when I was at the hospital. I am so thankful for them finding the cause because of all the pain I endure for so many years. Not only can I thank the Doctors, but the Physical Therapy team were so kind and so helpful during my recovery. Eileen Duswalt-Agostino and Richard Viskewich, PTA, especially helped me through both of my recovery. They always motivated me and took great care of me. I don't think I would have felt this great without them always cheering me on and checking up on me. I am so thankful for this whole team.