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Samantha DiMaio, OTR/L, CHT

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I recently underwent a transformative experience with physical therapy to address my persistent tennis elbow, and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the results. The expertise and dedication of the physical therapy team have made a remarkable difference in my life. From the outset, the therapist, Samantha DiMAio, took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, creating a personalized treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. Her knowledge and understanding of tennis elbow were evident, providing me with valuable insights into the root causes of my pain and discomfort. The therapy sessions were not only effective but also enjoyable. Samantha maintained a positive and encouraging atmosphere, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared commitment to my recovery. She guided me through a series of targeted exercises designed to strengthen and rehabilitate the affected muscles and joints. What truly sets this physical therapy experience apart is the emphasis on education. The therapist took the time to explain the mechanics of tennis elbow, helping me understand how certain movements and activities were contributing to my condition. Armed with this knowledge, I gained a deeper awareness of my body and learned valuable techniques to prevent future injuries. As the sessions progressed, I began to notice a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in my overall range of motion. Ms, DiMaio consistently monitored my progress, adjusting the treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal results. Her commitment to my well-being was evident, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in the entire process. Beyond the clinic, Samantha provided me with at-home exercises and self-care strategies to further support my recovery. This holistic approach, combining in-office sessions with proactive measures at home, made a substantial impact on the speed and effectiveness of my rehabilitation. In conclusion, I am beyond grateful for the positive experience I've had with physical therapy for tennis elbow. The compassionate and skilled professionals not only alleviated my pain but also empowered me with the knowledge and tools to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. I wholeheartedly recommend this physical therapy program to anyone seeking comprehensive care and lasting relief from tennis elbow.