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Mark Cestra


Epidural Shots

Performed By

Brian Goldstein, D.O.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Leonardo D’Onofrio, MS, PT

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I went To Orlin and Cohen in 2021 around July to see Dr. Lippe who did a MRI and found out I had spinal stenosis. He told me to do physical therapy. Pain was felt in my lower back and went down the left leg. I started therapy and worked with Leonardo. I could barely do the exercises as the back was weak. Leonardo added exercises every couple of weeks as I gained more and more strength. The left leg pain was still there so I saw Doctor Brian Goldstein. He told me to get a epidural shot. After the first shot I had little pain in the back and the left leg had no pain. I was doing a lot of lifting screwing my back and left leg up again at my mother's house early in 2023 for a couple of months. In July 2023 I could not sit or walk without pain. I went back to Doctor Brian Goldstein and got 2 epidural shots which helped the back. The left leg was still in some pain. Doctor Brian Goldstein told me to get block shots which helped the back even more and no more pain in the left leg. Dr. Brian Goldstein is a fantastic doctor. Very understanding and caring. He treats you as if you were one of his kids. Very professional. Outstanding Doctor. Leonardo who my therapist did an outstanding job showing me exercises I can do to strengthen the back. Therapy helped a lot. I still do it every couple of days. Orlin and Cohen has wonderful doctors, and I would recommend them to anyone.