Just 3 months before my wedding, I ruptured my achilles while running. Fearing the worst, and a complete reschedule of our 250 person Long Island wedding and confirmed Bora Bora honeymoon, my fiance and I called Orlin and Cohen and got an appointment within two hours. The injury happened at 1pm on a sunny August afternoon when most docs would be on vacation, but Orlin and Cohen’s doctors were happy to see me on such short notice! By 5pm, I had an ultrasound, MRI and diagnosis from OC’s Garden City office. Dr. Mait has surgically repaired my torn meniscus two months prior, so he was happy to hear how the injury started: running! He evaluated my ankle and his comforting demeanor put our nerves at ease. The next day, my follow up with Dr. Zaret was promising. Knowing our tight wedding deadline for recovery, Dr Zaret booked me at the earliest surgery date possible, and gave us hope that I’d be able to walk down the aisle in November. I can’t express how wonderful both Syosset Hospital and the Lynbrook Surgery center doctors, nurses and staff are: true, caring medical professionals. The surgery reattachment was successful, and with rigorous PT my fiance and I were able to dance the night away in the ballroom. Our fairytale wedding and honeymoon were saved by some very skilled surgeons. See photo of wedding.