What a difference the right team makes! I underwent pretty serious shoulder surgery this past August. Prior to the surgery, I had gone for physical therapy sessions in two other facilities. I also received an injection for the pain. Unfortunately, the injection wore off too quickly and that sent for an MRI. After having the MRI, knowing the full extent of my injuries and discussing my options with my doctor, Dr. Jonathan Ticker, I opted for surgery. Thanks to Dr. Ticker, my surgery was very successful. After surgery, I signed up for treatments at the Orlin & Cohen Physical Therapy Center in Lynbrook. I had heard good things about a couple of therapists there and was able to schedule treatments with them: Bobby Nabeyama & Christopher McCormack. I don’t know where to begin in singing their praises. They are both tough yet very understanding of my limits, very experienced, very knowledgeable in general AND about MY situation and how best to guide me to help myself get stronger. Yes, I am still working hard and still progressing, but I can honestly say that after the last four months of PT I have improved so much that most of the day I forget I recently had surgery. I have so much confidence and trust in their knowledge, professionalism, technical abilities and guidance. They are above and beyond any therapist I have previously worked with (and I have worked with more than a few). I certainly could not recommend them more. Thank you! Michele Kivolowitz