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Peter Pagones


Knee Replacement

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Skylar Vitiello, PT, DPT

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On 6/21/23 I had left knee replacement surgery. Approximately 2 week later I started in-office PT at the O&C Bellmore office. The entire Bellmore staff was super. During my 3 months of PT at O&C I found the staff, led by the supervisor Kathleen, to be a group of highly knowledgeable, well trained, motivated professionals, who also brought just the right level of levity to the sometime tedious and difficult weekly rehab sessions. But, the one person who I want to give the most Kudos was Skylar, who was the therapist I worked with for the large majority of my PT sessions. Because of her upbeat personality, knowledge of the exercises and motivational skills I was I was able to accelerate my rehab recovery timetable. In conclusion all I can say is great group, great experience, and great result.