I tore my rotator cuff in 2022 and decided to forego surgery and take a physical therapy approach to see if it would feel better. Well, sadly it didn't and after consultation with Dr. Paci, I decide to get the procedure (Subscapularis repair with biceps tenodesis) done in December of 2023. Immediately after the surgery, (day 2) I was at Orlin & Cohen rehab facility in Woodbury, NY and was met by the friendliest group of professionals I could hope for. I was welcomed and treated in a courteous and professional manner and though still very concerned about if I was ever going to get back to "normal" - my therapists assured me so. I primarily worked with James Curly and Julie O'Lansen - both of whom are delightful people and consummate professionals. They guided me through my PT routines, pushing just enough to get me to work through my insecurity of re-damaging my shoulder but with the confidence in knowing this is the type of exercise I need. It was extremely comforting and made me work even harder. They are very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had about my progress and what I could expect in future. They repeatedly not just told me how well I was doing - they were showing me and giving examples all the while introducing new techniques and performing range of motion testing. After 3 months I decided to stop my visits which while disappointed - I felt comfortable in following the detailed home plan I was provided. I know that I can at any time give them a call and I will receive the same care as if I were there. As a competitive bocce player who travels throughout the country to compete - I rely heavily on my shoulder. Now, thanks to James and Julie's care, I am looking forward to the 2024 season knowing I will be performing at a much higher level! James and Julie - I can't thank y0u enough. You are truly genuine assets to Orlin & Cohen and I wish you continued success in your careers! Thank you so very much! Best regards, Pete R.