I tore my left bicep on Mother’s Day 2022. I’d been through this before on my other arm so I knew I needed to act fast because the longer one waits with this injury, the more onerous the procedure and rehab process become. O&C did my MRI the day after the injury and Dr. Reizner scheduled my surgery that same week. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to move forward from the first time I met with Dr. Reizner, it was clear that he was the right surgeon for me. Dr. R. explained everything about the procedure with great clarity and took the time to answer every question I could think of. As for the surgery itself, it was a complete success. I know people say that all the time, but to be honest I never believe it. Even in the best case, I expected a lot of pain and a rehab that would last 6 months or more. Turns out, the pain was manageable and two weeks after the surgery I was in OT with Hamlet Aristy. Hamlet was fantastic - he understood my goals and was able to provide the type of rehab I needed to get back to 100%. I followed all instructions and advice from both Dr. Reizner and Hamlet. That plus a little common sense got me back to where I needed to be in less than three months. No discomfort, no loss of ROM, and my strength and arm shape went back to pre surgical form shortly thereafter. Everything healed nicely and I'm back to normal. Amazing! Thanks guys.