Dr. Daves alias Superstar. I could not believe how concerned, compassionate, and caring a doctor could be. As I entered the pretreatment room where you wait prior to going in for the actual procedure, I was approached by an intake nurse followed by Dr. Daves. (I’ll get back to the intake nurse in just a few.) Dr. Daves explained the procedure in detail from start to finish, including what to expect when I got home. Her calm and relaxing demeanor erased all the anxiety I was experiencing prior to the procedure. I could not believe how devoted and caring Dr. Daves was. We engaged in a detailed conversation about how she got into a profession that is dominated by males traditionally. I think she would make a great pediatric orthopedist. Blessed with such a gentle touch and calming personality, children would love her. Well, in short, I can't say enough positive things about this wonderful doctor. I'll conclude my evaluation of Dr. Daves by saying she is a Godsend to pain management. For the record, I feel like a new man, and I am looking forward to getting back to my exercise routine, which I had to abandon due to extreme pain. I went to Dr. Daves with a pain level of anywhere between 7 to 9 and the very next day, my pain level is at zero. Thank you, Dr. Daves. The intake nurse was also a dynamic personality. She took my vitals and also explained the details of my visit. It is amazing how calming everyone in that office is. I wonder if they take a course on how to keep the patient calm. She also spent a decent amount of time holding my hand and offered kind words and reassurance that the procedure would only take five minutes, which set the stage for me. She answered all the questions I asked, even the stupid questions, and never made me feel dumb for asking stupid questions. I would also like to give a shout-out to Kenneth at the front desk who made check-in such a pleasure. All in all, the Orlin & Cohen experience should be the flagship for all other orthopedic practices.