Back in 2003 I dislocated my knee, tore ligaments, tendons, and a muscle while practicing Martial Arts. Dr. Shah repaired everything and I did physical therapy for some months. Twenty years later, 2023, my knee started to bother me again. I saw Dr. Shah who gave me shots over the course of three weeks and recommended physical therapy. I did the P/T for four weeks under the care of Eileen Duswalt-Agostino and Rich Viskewich. With the therapy given at their office and the exercises at home my knee is doing AND feeling 100 times better, I can bend it, have no pain, and it doesn't give out. I give 10,000 stars to Dr. Shah, Eileen Duswalt-Agostino, and Rich Viskewich plus the other therapists for all their help and care. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Orlin and Cohen for their care and P/T.