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Sharon B.


Lisfranc Injury

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Dana Silbert PT, DPT

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Dana has been my physical therapist from the moment I limped into the PT clinic with my cane and boot on January 10, 2023. My left foot was very swollen and I could barely bend my ankle and a couple of my toes tingled. With her skills and expert knowledge of my issues the swelling slowly began to lessen and my foot strength began to improve. All this was a process but with her encouragement and the exercises she developed for me to do in the clinic and at home I improved. After the screws from my foot, August, 2023, she continued doing her magic. October, 2023 a torn tendon on my left foot occurred. Dana has been working on building up my strength again. She has also worked on my lower back as this began to hurt because I was walking differently now because of my injuries and needed care in that area as well. In addition to Dana, all the aides that help the PT's are wonderful. In particular, Troy, showed exemplary skills and kept an eye on me. He corrected me when I wasn't doing an exercise correctly. He was encouraging and kind and kept my spirits up. He worked well with the PT.