For the five years before my surgery I was in constant pain. I went to pain management, which helped a little, but it would only be temporary. I couldn't stand up straight and was having a hard time walking distances. In early 2022 the pain became unbearable. I couldn't walk 50 feet without having to sit down. I refused and my doctor concurred, to not take opioids, Injections from pain Management stopped working and was told that surgery was my only option. After doing some research I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Faust. I knew after my first visit that Dr. Faust was the doctor who could be trusted with a complicated surgery. My wife came with me for the first visit and felt the same way. I was also a golfer before the surgery and was concerned that this operation would end my favorite pastime. Dr. Faust was confident that I could play after I recuperated from the surgery. Anyway on February 8, 2023 I had the surgery at Northwell's Valley Stream Hospital (also a great experience). The surgery went great. That night they had me up and walking. Within two weeks I was off of the real pain medication and taking Tylenol. All my follow up meetings with Dr Faust were positive and 8 months later I am free of pain and playing golf again!