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Terry Hassall



Performed By

Julian J. Sonnenfeld, M.D.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Eileen Duswalt-Agostino PT, MPT

Richard Viskewich, PTA

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Before I begin I would like to mention Rich Viskewich, PTA. On September 8th of 2022 I injured my right knee to the point I couldn't bare weight on it let alone walk. I was taken to hospital where they was convinced I needed surgery to fix it. My doctor referred me to Orlin and Cohen in Bohemian. I called made the appointment for the same day. I saw Doctor Sonnenfeld M.D. he organized X-rays and an MRI, on the results of the MRI he suggested physical therapy rather than surgery. So I made an appointment with online and Cohen Bohemian physical therapy 2 times a week. Eileen and Rich started me off slow with simple stretching exercises and light movements. Before you knew it I was walking unaided and only using a compression sleeve. By time the holidays came around my pain was minimal and I had almost full use of my knee. Today 01/09/2023 was my last day, the exercises and stretching made my recovery a lot quicker and smoother. The knowledge of Dr. Sonnenfeld, Eileen Duswalt-Agostino, and Rich Viskewich. Is un matched in my opinion. Fantastic job to all at Orlin and Cohen.