Strained my back lifting a double kayak, previous x-ray (I had cracked a rib in my back earlier in the year slip & fall down wooden cellar stairs) indicated arthritis above L-5. Dr. Lippe prescribed two months therapy. Christine and the entire staff at Bellmore office are totally knowledgeable and sympathetic to all their patients. Christine took the time to hear my story and work with me extensively providing exercises for me at the shop and at home. I went from a near crippled, limping person to what feels like total recovery in those two months. I must say I took to heart everything I learned from Christine, Jason, Chelsea, Kathleen, Justin, Olivia, etc. and performed my rehab almost every single day. After all, we are given one body to use throughout our lives, is there nothing else to any individual more important ? I was never so scared in my life, that my incapacitated state was going to last the rest of my life !! My lifestyle consists of cycling, kayak, snow ski, swimming, camping & hiking and continue to be very active with my dear wife Tina, as well as our young adult offspring. I am most grateful for the care and attention I received from all of the staff, and especially Christine. On my second to last day, one lady called out to me and said "they" had voted me the "A" student. We talked and I left her with the assignment to take over my place and continue to set the right example. Thank you all so very much, from Scouting I had learned to live with an Attitude of Gratitude - I am grateful for all you have done for me !!!