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Jamie Misegades, PT, DPT

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Had separated my AC joint and went to PT here. Jamie was amazing and made PT very simple for me. She was great at understanding what issues I was telling her about with my shoulder and giving me the proper workouts/stretches needed to get better. Roma was also great and extremely kind, she got me very motivated to take that next step in getting my shoulder stronger and better, and was also a great at motivating me when I was struggling to finish a workout. Jean was extremely helpful as well she was always very quick to help me when I was done with a workout, and she explained the workouts really well when I was confused. Pete also helped me towards the last few sessions and he was great. He was very patient with helping me correct my form on workouts and was also super nice. There was another guy with glasses and dark hair who was extremely nice and helpful as well I apologize for forgetting his name. He would always offer me a towel when I was sweating and was very nice to chat with. Overall PT was a more than pleasant experience because of the excellent people there and their commitment to being the BEST Physical Therapists!