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Vanessa Borrell


Ankle surgery broken fibula

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Landon Twine, DPT

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My Physical therapy journey began on June 14 2023 after my ankle surgery for a compound break to my right fibia bone with hardware in place, that is a plate and 14 screws. This was as a result of a fall I sustained on my stairs at my house. This injury left me unable walk for 3 months. I was also unable to drive, squat, climb stairs, stand for long due to limited ankle range of motion, swelling, tremendous pain and stiffness. I came to Orlin&Cohen, orthosport unit in Fresh Meadows on a knee scooter, non weight bearing on my right foot. At that time my foot was very swollen and continously pained with little to non range of motion related to dorsi flexion. My toes were unable to move much and standing was a big problem. I was concerned about having to walk with a cane and my heel not touching the ground when in a seated position.At Orthosport, I came across amazing pt staff. Initially I received great treatment from PT assistant Josef and Genie who had great bedside manners and were very knowledgeable, but left for new opportunities. A short while after I came across a new physical therapist. A very unassuming, charismatic, enthusiastic looking and impressive young man, who was a game changer to my rehabilitation process name Landon or Dr. Twine. I approached Landon on day expressing my concerns about my progress, stating I was still having tremendous stiffness and limited movement in my ankle it was not moving much. I was frustrated. All this time Landon was listening intensely I could see his wheels turning in his head. Then suddenly he sprang up like from a spring board, asking me to bring my foot at the edge of the bed and he performed a maneuver on my foot that was never done before. My eyes opened so widely because it pained, but I knew something had changed when he was done. I was asked to immediately take a walk I felt instantly a shift in my situation. I was no longer dragging my foot, my heel was touching the floor, and the tightness and pain lessened by 70%. I no longer have to use my cane.My range of motion was considerably improved. I feel so much better and hopefully that I am coming to the end phases of my rehabilitation journey. As well I can have a happy Christmas. I thank Landon for his critical thinking, and strategic thinking and his expertise. He thought of the box, he was concerned about fixing the issue the best he knew. Rather than just applying the regular routine.