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Wei Yan


Shoulder Surgery

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Anthony Sansotta, PT, DPT

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Anthony is the best physical therapist I've ever had. He possesses extensive knowledge and creativity, skillfully assisting individuals with the right tasks. He consistently monitors progress, correcting me immediately if I make a mistake. This is why I find our sessions highly productive. I switched to working with him after two months of sessions that didn't meet the expectations from my doctor and me. However, whenever I see him, I always leave with progress. He is a task-oriented person, assessing me after each activity. Additionally, he introduces creative and varied activities, ensuring I never feel bored, even when working on the same skill. I appreciate that he ensures I perform movements correctly. I really dislike when someone works with me using a plan sheet, leaves me with a timer, and walks away because the easy part can be done at home. Working with a physical therapist requires active effort to improve, and Anthony is doing the right thing for me.