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Yiwen Liu


Physical Therapy

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Tatiana Malkina, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT

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My MCL was tore a week before my Muay Thai tournament. Except my knee pain, I was more mentally frustrated and anxious while my daily life capacity changed. I really feel lucky that I made the appointment with Tatiana at Woodbury PT office. Firstly the way she talks and listens makes me feel I’m truly cared by her. She’s so clam and makes me feel more confident about my recovery. After 2 months PT back to the ring, my teammates was impressed by my better balance and stronger strength while I was back from high graded partial tearing of MCL. I told them I trained with a master ;)I’m surprised with my speedy recovery too. Julie and other Woodbury team also helped me a lot and always patient with me. Thank you all!