My son Brian tore his ACL during a wrestling match in January 2013 and we were faced with having to find an orthopedic surgeon who would be the most capable to perform the surgery. Dr. Price came highly recommended through both doctors and patients alike. We went to see him and he recommended using a part of Brian's own hamstring for his ACL repair. This would mean a better recovery for Brian, longer lasting results, and less scar tissue than some of the other options. Dr. Price and his staff were efficient, courteous, and very professional. They explained every step to us and really set our minds at ease. The surgery went off without a hitch, and the very next day, Brian started his recovery and rehabilitation. With Dr. Price's help and weekly physical therapy, Brian was back to his high school sports teams just 6 1/2 months after his surgery. It was truly amazing, he was able to get back to varsity football, varsity wrestling, and will be starting varsity Lacrosse in a few weeks.

During this process of our monthly visits with Dr. Price, he noticed that I too was limping. You see, I had been suffering with torn meniscus and arthritis in both of my knees. It literally just hurt to stand from a sitting position. I had just celebrated my 50th birthday and my knees felt like they were 80! He looked at me and said four words that changed my life – "I can help you." He then had X-rays, MRI and exams done and recommended ORTHOVISC shots for both of my knees. I was skeptical at first, but figured I had nothing to lose. He set up the series of four weeks of shots, and I was able to feel relief from the first shot. Virtually total relief a month after the last shot. I have been able to get back to an active lifestyle that I had missed for the four years I had been suffering. It has been wonderful to get back to the gym and being able to do step, kickboxing and aerobics classes. I haven't felt this good in years, and as a result I have lost 40 pounds! Brian and I cannot thank him enough! Dr. Price and his staff are wonderful!