Sonam Lhakey, PTA

"Physical therapy goes beyond the physical; it encompasses the whole person and that’s its beauty."
About Sonam Lhakey

Sonam started working as a PTA right after graduation at Professional Physical Therapy. She went back to work at Millennium PT for less than a year until she began attending Hunter College full-time. Finally in Nov. 2022, Sonam started with Orlin & Cohen at both Fresh Meadows and Lynbrook locations and was officially onboarded in April this year.

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Osnat Khanimov


Knee Surgery

Physical Therapist Sonam Ohakey at Ortho Sport is exceptional. Her personalized approach and experti...

Fresa Bello


Physical Therapy

Sonam is an excellent physical therapist. She is always on the patients needs and progress. She want...

Louis Saladino


Physical therapy

Sonam is a very good therapist. She's very efficient, knows her anatomy very well. I'm in pain 7 day...