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Foot and Ankle

Always a step ahead, our foot and ankle specialists use advanced orthopedic and podiatric techniques to help relieve your pain. Our subspecialists are most extensively trained and the most experienced foot and ankle surgeons on Long Island, so you can be confident you're benefiting from the latest treatments, whether you have a common condition or one that requires tendon or cartilage repair, complex reconstruction or replacement surgery.

From injuries such as an ankle fracture or sprain (which results from a stretching or tearing of the ligaments), to relieving the pain of arthritis, plantar fasciitis (heel) or hammertoes, our fellowship-trained orthopedic specialists believe the most conservative approach is initially best.

The most common leg injury, an ankle sprain can include injuries to your ankle tendons, bone and joint surface. In this video, Orlin & Cohen's John Feder, MD talks about your treatment options.

In this video, Orlin & Cohen's David Zaret, MD talks about the Achilles Tendon, the various problems that can occur with it (such as Achilles Tendonitis) and the various treatment options that are available.

We'll evaluate your condition using our in-house diagnostic testing along with your examination. Many conditions will respond to rest, cold or heat, physical therapy or pain management techniques. If surgery is necessary, at Orlin & Cohen, we typically use minimally invasive outpatient arthroscopic techniques that require smaller incisions so your recovery is faster.

Foot and Ankle Specialists

Ask your doctor

  • Do you have specialized training in foot and ankle repair beyond general orthopedics?
  • How many ankles have you replaced?
  • What’s the typical recovery time?

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