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Think you've injured your rotator cuff? You're not alone. Because we use this complicated shoulder muscle group for so many activities – from reaching into the refrigerator to paddling a surfboard – pain from rotator cuff injuries is fairly common. Orlin & Cohen's shoulder specialists can expertly treat yours.

In-house diagnostic testing helps determine if your rotator cuff is inflamed, a condition called bursitis, or if it has a tear. Bursitis often responds to pain management techniques such as cortisone, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. Both disciplines are available through our network of specialists.

Shoulder pain may be a sign that your rotator cuff is torn or inflamed (also called bursitis). In this video, Orlin & Cohen's Eric Price, MD talks about your treatment options, including arthroscopic surgery.

A torn rotator cuff usually requires surgery. At Orlin & Cohen, we believe an all-arthroscopic approach to shoulder surgery offers patients better outcomes, faster. In fact, our doctors have repaired more than 1,000 consecutive rotator cuff tears arthroscopically.

They're board certified and fellowship trained orthopedists who rank among the country's leading specialists in the treatment of:

  • AC Joint Arthritis,
  • Calcific Tendonitis,
  • Shoulder Dislocation,
  • Frozen Shoulder,
  • Rotator Cuff Tear,
  • SLAP Tear.


Shoulder Specialists

Ask your doctor

  • Do you have specialized training in shoulder repair beyond general orthopedics?
  • How many rotator cuffs have you repaired?
  • How many of these repairs were performed arthroscopically?

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